Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Hey! So, the weather is surely hitting hard here in the DC area. It’s like it was summer, then fall for 2 weeks and now it’s WINTER winter. It is cold! Me personally, I like the cold…not that Pittsburgh during polar vortex cold I experience while in grad school, but like 35 - 45 degrees cold. I know a lot of you reading that are in one of two opinions: 1. “She is crazy! Who likes the cold!” or 2. “That’s not even that cold!” WELL IT’S COLD TO ME SHARON!


Anyway, there are many I love the colder months: fashion choices multiply because you can layer and add pieces without being too hot. Darker, more dramatic makeup is more than welcome during this season. I can actually straighten my hair and have it last for longer than 15 minutes and I get to make soups, stews, casseroles and chili without sweating trying to eat them! The last reason is why we’re here today. Post thanksgiving, where I made cornish hens, my dad got sick and I had leftover hens, vegetables and herbs. I thought, what better thing to do than make homemade chicken soup. I’ll admit, my chicken noodle soup has been known to cure the common cold, or at least trick your mind into believing it has. No seriously, everyone who eats this soup instantly feels better and while they may not be cured, there’s probably a reason for that. This soup is loaded with fresh herbs and vegetables and good-for-you ingredients like ginger and turmeric. It also opens up the sinuses through the heat that comes from the cayenne and red chili flakes.

As a child, I never enjoyed chicken noodle soup. I always found it bland and extremely salty at the same time. Maybe that’s what you get from concentrated canned soup product, but I couldn’t stand it. I would almost hate to tell my mom I was sick, because I knew a bowl of that was on the way! Fast forward to about 4 years ago when my good friend, and at the time roommate, Daniela got sick while preparing for the Bar Exam. I couldn’t let her have a down day. On a cold, January day in Pittsburgh, I walked over to the little shop across the street and prepared the soup. It was my first time making chicken noodle soup, but I knew the basics. Well, it was a hit and Daniela was able to keep preparing and ultimately crushed the Bar! Go girl! When you make this soup, feel free to get jiggy with the ingredients, adding in more vegetables or different combinations of herbs. I used a non-dairy half-half substitute here, but heavy cream or half and half will work fine to add the distinct creaminess to the broth. You can also omit completely if desired. The possibilities are endless!


What is your go to food or drink during the cold months? Let me know in the comments below!

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Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

A rich soup full of herbs and veggies to warm your tummy and fight off winter colds. Just over 150 calories per serving, low carb and good in fats make this a keto dish everyone can love!

prep time: 20 minscook time: 1 hour and 20 minstotal time: 1 hours and 40 mins


1 Cornish hens/1/2 chicken roasted, chopped & bones reserved
1 cup chopped carrots
1/2 onion, finely chopped
2 celery stalks, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 tbsp thyme, chopped
1 tbsp rosemary, chopped
2-3 sage leaves, chopped
1 tbsp Ginger
2 tsp kosher salt
2 tsp Cumin
1 1/2 tsp Smoked paprika
1 1/2 tsp Black pepper
1 1/2 tsp Tumeric
1 tsp saffron threads
1/2 tsp Chili flakes
1 tbsp Worcestershire
1 tsp white wine vinegar
8oz chicken parts( backs, wings and/or bones from roasted)
7 cups water
1 bay leaf
juice from half of a lemon.
up to 1/4 cup non-dairy half/half substitute or heavy cream (optional)
11 wonton squares, cut into 5 strips each.


1. Remove the chicken from the bone and chop into small pieces. Uniformity is not important, as it's already cooked and will be the chicken for the soup.
2. Heat a pot that is at least 3 quarts over medium-high heat. When water droplets splashed on the bottom quickly evaporate, the pot is heated.
3. To the pan, add ghee and allow it to melt. Add onion, carrot and celery. Cook until everything begins to soften, about 4 minutes.
4. Add garlic and cook for another 2 minutes. When garlic begins to become fragrant, add herbs and all spices and cook to bloom, stirring continuously. About 4 minutes.
5. Next, add worcestershire sauce and white wine vinegar and cook for just 1 minute.
6. Add in chicken parts and cook to allow the chicken to begin to saute. About 6 minutes.
7. Add water and bring to a boil. Cover and low-boil on medium-low heat for 45 minutes. Do not skip this step, as it will develop the flavor in the overall soup.*
8. Remove chicken pieces and bones, leaving any meat to the pot and discard. Add chopped chicken to the pot, along with the cream/substitute if using. Simmer an additional 15 minutes.
9. Add wonton strips to the pot and allow to simmer for 2-3 minutes to soften and cook through.
10.Serve in a bowl topped with additional black pepper and herbs. Enjoy!


* If you do not wish to make your own stock for the soup, use 7 cups of chicken or vegetable stock (not broth) and skip step 6. Instead, Go to step 7 and substitute stock for water and simmer for only 20 minutes. You may simmer longer, but you are not needing to develop the broth flavor.



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