Buy Local: Christkindlmarkt Market in Washington, DC

Buy Local: Christkindlmarkt Market in Washington, DC
My beautiful dates for the day Jessica and my niece enjoying a hot cup of cider (spiked for Jess!) at the market

My beautiful dates for the day Jessica and my niece enjoying a hot cup of cider (spiked for Jess!) at the market

Hey Hey Hey! I hope everyone is having a great day. Since LizeeAngel is a full lifestyle blog, I wanted to do a new kind of post today. Something I really believe in is supporting local and small businesses. I think it's super important to put money back into your own communities. It's usually these local based businesses and their owners who reinvest into the communities themselves, over bigger corporations. I also find that local businesses provide unique, more personal items which are really perfect for this time of the year. Seeing a loved one's face when they open a gift that is "So Them" is the highlight for me. I know they can either use it, add it to a collection or it just speaks to them and that makes me happy! So when my good friend Jessica invited me to the Christkindlmarkt Market last weekend, I was all in!

This market is on New Hampshire Ave, right off of Dupont Circle at the Heurich House Museum (which is cool in its own right!) and runs from December 1-22. There is a cost to enter, which covers your entry fee into the museum. There are all sorts of vendors at the market from food makers to jewelry designers and more! For this post, I'm focusing on a few stand out vendors that caught my attention and had really cool products! Many of these vendors have online shops available, but there really is nothing like seeing everything for yourself. Another bonus: there are some specialty items and pricing available in person! Check out the ones that caught my eye below:

True Syrups & Garnishes

True syrups was such a cool vendor to me. From their story to the people working to the booth to the very strong, but very delicious, cider they offered featuring their syrups. The thing that makes True different from other companies out there is their focus on doing syrups the way they were done pre-prohibition. There are no artificial ingredients, no chemicals to extend shelf life, just pure ingredients that deliver delicious mixes to your cocktails. There are 5 flavors currently offered by True: Tonic, Ginger, Rich Simple Syrup, Kola, and Grenadine. If you have a person who loves mixing cocktails or that appreciates a nostalgic twist on their favorite drinks, this is a perfect gift for them!

JSquared Candle Co.

J Squared Candle Company has a motto that "Life Balance Is Essential" and I couldn't agree more. Using soy wax, J Squared is able to offer a candle that burns clean, is organic, sustainable and vegan as well. If you read my last post, you'd know that I recently began using essential oils in all areas of my life. These soy wax candles are actually infused with essential oils making them therapeutic by allowing you to receive the benefits of various oils through the inhalation of the candles once burned. Going beyond candles, J Squared also offers hand and body scrubs as well as soaps. These items smell SO good and are a different, more personal gift for that person you usually go to Bath & Body Works for. You can customize your choices based on any issues they may be having, such as restlessness by getting "Sleep & Peace" candle or a stressful job with a Lemongrass & Tea Tree body scrub! 

Langdon Wood Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

If you've ever been eating pancakes and thought, "This syrup could use a little Bourbon!" Then this is the place for you. Ok Ok, I know none of us have ever really thought that (or at least we wouldn't admit it), but after sampling these syrups, you should. Langdon Wood actually takes good quality syrup and ages it in barrels that were recently used to age spirits, such as bourbon, brandy and rye. And get this: even the barrels come from local distilleries! They are really keeping it community with this brand. The syrups take on the best qualities of these liquors in the best way subtly smokey, rich and deeply flavored. Unlike any other syrup I've ever tried. Another product they offer is a year long, barrel aged hot sauce! It was so, so good. It's a smoky hot burn with a vinegary bite and it packs a serious punch! You have got to get your hands on this! If you have a friend that loves to have their waffles over brunch with a cocktail, this is the perfect gift for them!

The Neighborgoods

I loved every single thing The Neighborgoods had to offer and so did my niece! This company offers a variety of non-food items that are all food themed and super cute! From baby onesies to dishtowels to aprons, there is really something for every personality. I loved the bright and colorful designs that had unique swirly fonts and quirky drawings. Jodi the creator (featured in the photo) was working the booth and was so sweet and helpful with my niece picking her cupcake button from all of the choices. On The Neighborgoods site, Jodi says the products are inspired by the beauty of food and it brings people together and I truly believe that is conveyed in every item offered. These gifts are perfect for that foodie who has way too many kitchen gadgets, but still loves food themed things. Like your favorite food blogger/friend/me! Just saying.

There were so many more vendors there that I couldn't write fully about (I didn't get enough pictures) but I would still stop by their booths like non-tomato fruit ketchup company 'Chups, that has a variety of delicious ketchups and mustard, like pumpkin, pineapple and cranberry ketchup. Beautiful pattern design company Printed Wild that offers accessories, tapestry and home goods. And even keeping up with the trend, The Cookie Jar DC which offering edible cookie dough in a variety of delicious flavors! I just couldn't cover every vendor here, but that you can see them all for yourself by just taking a little time to visit the market on your own! 

Do you have any go-to local markets in your area you go to for shopping or gifts? Let me know in the comments below!